The AfterEd Podcast highlights individuals around the world challenging the status quo in education.

Where can you listen to the AfterEd podcast?

Spotify HERE

iTunes HERE

Anchor HERE

Overcast FM HERE

Pocket Casts HERE

Radio Public HERE

Breaker HERE

Castbox HERE

Google Podcasts HERE

Google Play Music HERE

In the car? You can find AfterEd there too!

Have an Apple HomePod? Try saying “Hey Siri, play the podcast AfterEd.”

What about Google Home? Say “Hey Google, play the podcast AfterEd.”

Guests on the podcast:

  • A.J. Juliani

  • Don Wettrick

  • Dr. Katrise Perera

  • Thomas C. Murray

  • Ben Gilpin

  • Shelly Sanchez

  • Anthony Gabriele

  • Natasha Che

  • Barbara Bray

  • Jon Harper

  • Rebecca Chambers

  • Marc “Cheats” Cheatham

  • Ashley Hawkins

  • Cath Fraise

  • Gopika Senthilkumar

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