My name is Jason Vest and I’m a middle school educator at Hungary Creek Middle School in Henrico County, VA (a surrounding county of Richmond, VA).

From 2011-2018, I taught U.S. History, World History, Civics, and launched the first ever Innovation course in our district.

In 2018-2019, I will be embarking on a new journey as we scale the Innovation course by revamping our technology education program for grades 6-8.

We will be focused on:

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Design thinking

  • Emerging/Future Technologies

  • Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

I’m also the host of the growing podcast, AfterEd, focused on individuals around the world that are challenging the status quo (podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and many other platforms as well).

None of this work for students could be done without my two most important roles in life: a proud husband and father of Jacob and Benny.

Learning should be fun and activities should raise the bar, challenging mindsets, and never being content with the status quo.

My big focus is on helping students and teachers take action to bring innovation into and out of our schools and helping to create learning experiences that are unique to my students on any given day.

It’s time we all take action against the status quo that is failing our students across the country. If what we bring to the table does not truly prepare students for life “AfterEd”, then we need to stop doing it.